KINTU MOSES: Dr Kawuma, kindly vomit Bobi Wine’s horrendous lies and swallow Museveni’s secured future

A photo collage of ONC's Kintu Moses (L) and NUP's Daniel Kawuma (R)

By Moses Kintu

Dr Daniel Kawuma, I extend brotherly greetings to you from Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. I am writing in response to your write-up published on DailyExpress, titled; ”OPINION: Blocking NUP’s grand party headquarters exposes Museveni’s criminal regime the more.” I understand most countrymen and women are falling victim to the lies of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Heads.

Before I get to the NUP halted opening of their headquarters, I wish to bring good news to you that some of the terrorists who murdered the innocent tourists were smartly handled by the security organs. Evidence has been gathered to prove it all. The hooligans think that they could divert Uganda People’s Défense Forces (UPDF) from killing them in DR Congo under Operation Shujaa. Our brothers and sisters in uniform are executing a tremendous mission using all methods of modern war management.

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It is a policy in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to pay our enemies double their own currencies. The terrorists of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) can testify to you that, they are getting the right payback from the greatest army in the world. I wish to assure all friends of Uganda that no one can mess up with the safety of life and property of people in Uganda and walk free.

Closing doors for Uganda’s products to AGOA by the USA was not good news, especially in our entrepreneurship sector since we value every market however merger it might be. You are aware that our father of the nation, the National Chairman of the NRM, HE. Gen Y.K Museveni seeks to transform Uganda into the best economy in the world. Currently, our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is at USD 42 trillion as per the mid-year statistics of Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS). We are grateful that the head of state mastered the philosophy of securing a wider market for our goods and services and I wish to inform you that the African market is doing wonders for our economy.

Despite the fact that we value trade, the values of culture as African Ugandans are a priority to our people. Our motto reads, “For God and My Country” and NRM is duty-bound to protect and promote the interests of the common people. Whereas sex is private, the people’s parliament where your party NUP forms the majority, passed the Anti Homosexuality Bill that later turned into law after the permission of the people’s President HE Gen Y. K Museveni. The evil times of COVID-19 assured Ugandans that we have a steward leader who can direct us through even in the toughest times.

As the world was at the worry about economic breakdown, the people’s leader, emphasized the need for concentration on the REAL ECONOMY which answers fundamental human needs which are; food, clothes, shelter, defense, human resource development, infrastructure, medicine, and spirituality. When conditions permit, you can also take advantage of the leisure and pleasure economy of tourism, hospitality, and entertainment. I wish to assure you that, Uganda is a strong fit as regards the real economy and our focus on prioritization in every economic strategy.

The Jajja to Bazzukulu HE Gen Museveni will engage his counterpart President Joe Biden, but what I can assure you is that homosexuality will not be tolerated in Uganda as long as the NRM and its great leader Gen. Museveni lives. You as NUP, it’s your right to subscribe to such practices of Homosexuality but outside Uganda. Be of value and inform our colleague there in the USA that, there is a great opportunity for value addition in Uganda and the President is ready to support any investment in that line.

Can you believe that 5 million families in Uganda farming on 17.2 million acres of the 40 million acres suitable for crop and livestock farming as per the 2014 housing census produce all the food in Uganda? We spend USD 300 million per year on imported wheat for unhealthy wheat bread with gluten. Why can’t you mobilize Ugandans in the USA to take the opportunity of that gap by investing home? Why should the Chinese come and take advantage of the investment opportunities and you the elite Ugandans are busy wasting your NUP activities to frustrate peace? Those brethren of ours heading NUP want to use shortcuts of trading lies to the outside world to get financial resources for their personal benefit.

I challenge you to explain where the Bobi Wine family gets all that money to build mansions, yet they are in the struggle. The government cannot stop them from building those mansions since they are supporting our construction sector by buying cement, iron bars etc. The government will only intervene where it starts to threaten the social and economic security of Ugandans.

During the scientific campaigns of COVID-19, those who were arrested, were paraded before the court and their whereabouts are known. My sister Oliver Lutaaya who is in the right hands of the law is facing charges well known to those NUP heads. No one can teach Uganda Human Rights because the NRM is under the able leadership of HE. Gen Museveni is the strongest promoter of Human Rights. Even when it comes to international conflicts, our leader advocates for the safety of the civilians. Your NUP leaders thought of starting an uprising in Uganda copying what happened in Egypt, Tunisia, and other African States but they tested the fire and will never ever make the same mistake. If you think the NRM Government is bad, go and convince the 46 million Ugandans to vote for you. Besides that, you are wasting time and other resources. The NRM is a people’s party and is committed to fulfilling the promises made in the NRM manifesto 2021-2026.

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The opening of the NUP offices at Kavule, whose face 100% differs from what the NUP heads promised as per their artistic drawings some time ago, will be executed as long as they comply with the security regulations. Your party heads believe in violence and civil disobedience, but that will never have a breath in Uganda as long as the General is the Head of State. I even strongly believe that the Bazzukulu cannot allow such stooge activities to be executed on their watch. Anyway, Dr. Daniel, I got touched by your write-up and decided to be a good samaritan to save you from the lies of Bobi Wine and his colleagues. Has he even told you about his plan to front his wife Ms Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi for NUP Presidential flag bearer despite strong resistance from his elder brother Mr Fred Nyanzi who also wants to take over after him?

I conclude by requesting you to reach greetings to all Ugandans in the US and assurance that Uganda is very peaceful, the African Market is doing wonders to our economy, Homosexuality will never happen in Uganda as a Human Right and Uganda is a sovereign democratic state with high respect for Human Rights.

The author is the Assistant Communications Officer at the Office of the National Chairman (ONC)

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