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Woman in Kyabazinga wedding saga demands shs750m from Kingdom to ‘pull-out’

Ms Alison Anna Nadiope, the woman who claims to be the wife of Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope’s wife has asked the Kingdom of Busoga to give her shs 750 million as ‘compensation’ for the investment she has put in the royal leader, or else the wedding will not proceed this weekend.

The woman who arrived in the country on Tuesday said she had to fly from London to Kampala in a move to “collect evidence” surrounding the drama for the Busoga King’s wedding due this Saturday, November 18 at Bugembe Cathedral in Jinja City.

Ms Alison came to the limelight in September (shortly after the official of the Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi) when she claimed that she got married to the Kyabazinga in a non-public wedding held in London, the United Kingdom, in December 2016 and that the latter cannot contract another marriage.

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She further released pictures of the Kyabazinga with one of the two children she says they sired together with the Busoga traditional ruler, although such claims have been thoroughly dismissed by the Kingdom Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muvawala.

Speaking to Monitor in an exclusive phone interview on Thursday, Ms Alison said she was staying at a hotel in the city and declined to provide specifics or grant a physical interview, citing security concerns.

She also declined to share a copy of the marriage certificate as evidence of her union with the Busoga King to the publication, saying what she has as evidence for her marriage with the Kyabazinga will only be produced in court (and or before the legal desk)

When the publication further quizzed her on reports and claims by the Kingdom that she was an imposter and her next steps, Ms Alison, without addressing the spoiler claim, responded: “All I want is to be paid the money that I have invested in the Kyabazinga [during the alleged relationship] and I will leave him in peace.”

“If not, I will reveal all his secrets. I have invested Shs750 million in constructing a house for him, maintaining the farm, paying potters, and buying him luxurious things. I will leave him to go ahead with his ceremony [if I get paid]; that is all I want,” she added.

Although the publication could not independently verify Ms Alison’s claims, she vowed to pursue justice in British courts “even if [Kyabazinga’s] wedding happens”.

The Busoga Kingdom, like it has done since the claims first emerged, again dismissed Ms Alison’s claims and said the Kyabazinga has neither a wife nor children with her or other women.

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“The kingdom’s position on the royal wedding was given by the Katuukiro. We have no other position in regard to the same today, tomorrow and the other day. We shall not be derailed by negative energy. The wedding is on, period,” Mr Andrew Ntange, the kingdom spokesperson, said when contacted.

Busoga still maintains that the Kyabazinga has never been married to anyone under the known forms of marriage and that has never sired any children with a woman known to the royal chiefs.

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