Exodus Sacco sensitization tour revives saving culture in Busoga North

ASP Waiswa Julius leading the sensitization of SACCO members at Kamuli Township P/S in Kamuli (Photo/Isabirye Simon Peter)

Kamuli, (UG): The Busoga North policing region spent much of last week with a strong and committed team from Exodus SACCO that held sensitization tours in Busoga North, Busoga sub-region. The sensitization tours covered districts of Buyende, Kaliro, Luuka and Kamuli which make up Busoga North.

The team which was led by ASP Waiswa Julius aroused positivity among members in the region, with well-delivered discourses on financial management mindset, SACCO services and the need to plan for the future.

This was evidenced by their response in terms of buying more shares, loan applications and increased savings. With their efforts rejuvenated and hopes reignited, members bought more shares.

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The Busoga North regional police spokesperson ASP Micheal Kasadha, who doubles as the regional delegate for Busoga North said a number of officers in the policing region bought shares in Exodus SACCO amounting to 4833. He was speaking to the press at Kamuli Township primary school where members in Kamuli district were sensitized.

“With their efforts rejuvenated and hopes reignited, members in Kamuli district bought shares1704 shares, 937 shares in Luuka, 1198 shares in Kaliro and 994 shares in Buyende district,” ASP Micheal Kasadha said.

He added that the response to the cheap credit campaign saw one person apply for a loan in Luuka, one from kaliro, two from Kamuli and two from Buyende District, with more members showing signs of reconsidering their earlier decisions of obtaining loans from commercial banks and unfair money lending institutions.

A number of members also increased their savings after the sensitization which was conducted by the Exodus SACCO. According to the members, they were convinced by the commitment of the SACCO in handling their savings, and shares, ensuring fair loans and other financial management issues intended for prosperous future plans of their members.

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For example, in Luuka, 2 members increased their savings, 3 from Kaliro increased their savings, 4 from Kamuli and 3 from Buyende had their savings increased.

The team led by ASP Waiswa Julius took time and respond to the concerns of the members and reassured them of better services in accordance with the goals of the SACCO.

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