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SHOCKING DETAILS: Kassiano Wadri Break Silence on why he dumped Kyagulanyi’s People Power for ANT.

Arua Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Kassiano Wadri, has for the first time broken the silence on why he dumped Bpobi Wine’s National Unity Platform and joined Gen. Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation (ANT).

Kyagulanyi and Wadri’s names became entwined in Arua during the by-elections for the then Arua Municipality Member of Parliament race which was marred with chaotic scenes followed with arrest and hospitalization of ‘Bobi Wine’, and shooting death of his then driver Yasin Kawuma plus a whooping 33 individuals who were prosecuted for stoning President Yoweri Museveni official vehicle.

However, after securing a seat in Parliament, Wadri surprised many in the political sphere when he crossed to the Alliance for National Transformation party led by Gen. Mugisha Muntu, abandoning Kyagulanyi’s People Power movement which later ‘gave birth’ to National Unity Platform party.

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In an exclusive interview with NBS TV, Wadri accused Kyagulanyi of reneging on an earlier promise of joining one of the existing parties.

Wadri said, “While we were in prison, we shared a lot. We shared a lot about what we should do as members of the opposition. We said that when we come out, we need to work closely with existing parties.”

Adding, “But when we reached June this year, we expected Kyagulanyi to either join DP, FDC, Alliance or JEEMA because People Power was not a party.”

Wadri, however, said although he joined ANT, he still wanted to work with NUP in Arua but he failed to reach Kyagulanyi on phone.

“I tried calling the honorable Kyagulanyi on phone 3 times, I tried calling Joel Ssenyonyi (NUP spokesperson), the phone was going through but he could not pick, so what would I do?

“I wanted to tell these people what’s on ground but they never picked my calls,” Wadri said.

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Wadri said that selfishness in the opposition is going to make them lose because everyone only looks out for themselves.

“We are making blunders. We are going to divide our votes because we are so many and NRM is going to use this chance,” Wadri added

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