New Vision rewards readers with Free ‘Uganda in 2021’ magazine pullout

By New Vision

The year 2020 turned to be so unexpected that the business of predicting what a New Year would be like has become very tricky.

Every year, leading newspapers and magazines around the world produce special editions about what we should expect in the New Year, and New Vision has been doing so since 2006.

Nobody could have predicted what 2020 would be like, although it turns out COVID-19 had made its presence known as early as November 2019 in China. Everyone’s prediction and extrapolations were so off that it takes a brave person to again try and predict what 2021 will be like.

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But predict we must and that is what the Uganda in 2021 magazine, is about.

The usual collection of experts and leading figures from business, politics, finance, entertainment, technology, the arts and experts in the new field of social media take a brave look into their collective crystal ball, and tell us what 2021 will be like.

The biggest question is, will COVID-19 finally be controlled, even as it mutates? Will the whole world eventually get the vaccine, or will wars be fought over it? But first up is the general election slated for early January. Who will win? Will there be a fallout when the losers do a Donald Trump and declare they did not lose?

What will that do to the country and the economy?

Many experts see the economy recovering, after being decimated by the pandemic. The service sector, which accounts for almost 50% of Uganda’s economy, was especially hit by the lockdown. So how quickly will it recover?

What will be the so-called ‘new normal’ and how shall we adjust to it? What will education be like? What about the working environment? Will socialising ever be the same? What will 2021 be like? Find out in the Uganda in 2021 magazine, free in today’s New Vision (Thursday, December 31).

David Mukholi, the Vision Group managing editor, said the magazine is offered free to New Vision readers.

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“It is a magazine that meets international standards in printing quality and content. Everyone who buys a copy of New Vision will get a free copy of Uganda in 2021,” he said.

“With several articles contributed by experts in their respective fields, the magazine is informative and authoritative. So it is worth reading and keeping.”

SOURCE: The New Vision

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