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Shocking! Woman behind Ntagali’s Adultery linked to his early resignation as Archbishop

The media this week has been awashed by shocking news of Retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Rt. Rev. Stanley Ntagali as he got suspended from preistly duties for allegedly commiting adultery with a married woman.

However, shocking details our snooper landed on indicate that the lady in question (whose name we are holding for legal reasons) who is alleged to have had extra-marital affairs with Ntagali is reportedly the reason behind his early resignation as Archbishop with 3 years left on his tenure.

It is rumoured that the lady is married to a one Reverend Priest (whose name is also being held for legal reasons) and have been married together since their wedding on December 15, 2018 in Kabale.

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The lady had been reportedly having affairs with Bishop Ntagali and our sources confirm that together, they even have a child whom the lady has been getting child support for from both the rev and the bishop.

When matters got worse, the lady allegedly started sending threats to the Bishop to report him if he didn’t pay heed to uneding requests prompting Ntagali to sell off almost his properties and his wife to know about and wanted to divorce him and sell of their house.

Ntagali tailed down and confessed to wife and a few bishops before thinking about to resign and they had been trying to manage the matter internally for some time and he has been under suspension for a year only that journailsts got to know about recently.

Our sources further confirm that this is reason the Archbishop might have not finished his term as the head of church leaving three years behind.

Daily Monitor Reports also report that the same woman who retired Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali was alleged to have had extra-marital affairs with, had sought to divorce her husband as recently as last month.

In documents filed at Kabale Chief Magistrate’s Court in the first week of December 2020, the woman (whose name we are holding for legal reasons), accused her husband, also a Church of Uganda priest, of cruelty.

 The couple wed at Rugarama Cathedral in Kabale on December 15, 2018, according to papers filed in court, shortly after the reverend’s wife had passed on a few months earlier.

Reaction from Church Elders

 The reports of adultery, which gained wide traction on social media, left many Anglican bishops this newspaper interviewed in consternation and disbelief.

 “If [the allegation] is true, that means sin is real and not debatable,” Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa of Ankole Diocese said.

 He added: “Sin is inherent in all persons whether bishops or archbishop; it is certainly sad [and] regrettable. We pray that God helps the former archbishop to repent.”

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 In Kinkiizi, Bishop Dan Zoreka urged Christians not to relent with prayer and recognise that “everyone shall be held accountable for [their] actions”.

Bukedi Diocesen Bishop Samuel George Bogere Egesa said the allegation is “unbelievable”, especially that Ntagali appeared to have had an unblemished record as the 8th Church of Uganda Archbishop for nearly a decade to March last year when he handed over to Archbishop Kazimba.
Bishop George Turyasingura of the East Ruwenzori Diocese asked Christians not to despair because “salvation is personal and Satan fears no one”.

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