Keep My Bouncers Out Of Your Toxic Talks, Spice Diana Fumes At Haters

By Our Reporter

Kokonya hit-maker Spice Diana has hit back at his haters whom she accuses of spreading dirt to her bouncers that they previously assaulted someone while on their duties.

According to Spice Diana, these were false allegations against his bouncers since no one has ever filed the case in any courts of law.

The singer says, “I saw it on social media but waited thinking, perhaps somebody was beaten in their dreams and are yet to wake up. Nobody has gone to the police and come out to claim it’s them.”

Spice Diana accused her attackers on social media of being the forces boosting such terrible public relations arguing that if there was truth to it, the person would have gone to the police and not social media to tarnish the reputation of her bouncers.

“Even if it had happened, someone who understands would not have gone to social media, bloggers, or reporters and paid them to spread such stories. People actually invest money in this. If they beat you up, why are you wasting time on social media when you have the police to go to,” she added.

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The genesis of it all is that earlier this week, Spice Diana’s bouncers were at their worst while handling some road users in Kabalagala. The bouncers who were driving behind Roja, Spice Diana’s manager, failed to overtake another car, forcing him to park the car.

This then had the bouncers jumping out of their car and they went and opened the other car which had a family. Swinging handcuffs, they went on an exchange for about five minutes, shouting and threatening to hurt and arrest the driver of the car.

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