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Museveni declines to open bars, maintains curfew hours

President Museveni has said it is not yet time to lift or even relax the curfew restrictions imposed to help curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Addressing the country on the status of the Coronavirus on Friday evening at Kyankwanzi, Museveni said it is suicidal to think that the virus has gone away and the country relaxes measures meant to curb the same.

“When we advise you to please maintain the measures, it is because it is so far the only effective way. Much as cases seem to have fallen to manageable levels, it doesn’t mean covid-19 is no more. It is important we maintain some of the measures. We shall therefore maintain curfew between 9pm and 5:30 am,”Museveni said.

Below is a summary of key note takeaways from the president’s address.

“Our strong advice, of course, the Muslims can pray in the night but not congregate. You can pray in your house and the mosque as long as the numbers are within the advised by the Ministry of Health”, President Museveni said in response to Ramadhan prayers.

The percentage of the beds used is only 10%. Ministry of Health has informed me that there are other variants. The South African variant has been confirmed in Uganda.

There is also the Nigerian one and the original one from Wuhan. The new variant makes you more sick, even the young people.

When we advise you to please maintain the measures. It is because it is so far the only effective way. It is important to get vaccinated as the numbers may sore.

A bar is not a place to observe SOPs. We are looking at those who are drunk. Those pushing for the opening of bars are your enemies who want you to die.

Bars shall remain closed until vaccination of 5.5 million people is complete.

We will maintain the night curfew between 9 pm and 5:30 am.

By June, the scientists will be trying our vaccine on animals and by August on people.

We learnt in our catechism classes that God is in all places. Nobody should put our people at risk in the name of praying.

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