Bugingo should follow Ntagali’s example – Pastor Ssempa

On Thursday, April 22, the former Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, publicly confessed how he committed adultery and sought forgiveness.

“On the Christmas eve of 1974, I gave my life to Jesus Christ as a young man. I still love Jesus Christ because he has loved me and I would love to serve him for all the years, sadly, I fell into the sin of adultery and I confess to the Lord to forgive me, bishops, partners, brothers, sisters and the entire Church of Uganda, please forgive me. I apologise to Reverend Christopher and his wife Judith. I want to remain closer to Jesus. I want to continue standing on that solid rock,” apologized the man of God who sounded strong.

Since the news of Ntagali’s adultery scandal broke out, several people have come out to sympathize with him.

Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church, said that Ntagali’s apology is the best sound in the entire world because the bible teaches about forgiveness and repentance.

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‘I am glad and refreshed that the Archbishop confessed to one of the highest pulpits in Uganda. We can now sing rightful about the blood of Jesus Christ because it washes people’s sin. His apology gives hope to other sinners that through forgiveness and repentance one can be restored.

I want to call upon Prophet Elvis Mbonye and Pastor Grace Lubega of Phaneroo ministries to stop covering up people’s fornication and adultery by telling them that once you are saved even if you cheat, your spirits remain pure, it is only the body that gets affected,” Ssempa said.

Pastor Ssempa called upon pastor Aloysius Bugingo of the house of Prayer Ministries to follow the example of the retired Archbishop.

“Bugingo come out publically and repeat for abandoning your wife and for telling people to throw away their wedding rings,” Ssempa said.

Bugingo’s wife of 29 years Teddy Naluswa, accused him of pressuring her into a divorce so he could marry Suzan Nantaba Makula, a member of his church.

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Naluswa has since declined to sign divorce papers.

Two weeks back, Pastor Bugingo stunned Christians when he said that he will never get back with his wife even if God comes on earth.

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