Extend ICT to rural schools all over Uganda, Lwemiyaga Alumni Leader urges Govt

The writer is a Concerned Citizen born of Lwemiyaga Ssembabule District.

I think in the move to mitigate the increasing gap between urban schools and rural based schools should be resolved or reduced by extending ICT in the respective communities (rural-areas).

It has come to my understanding that better performance among urban schools is coupled by the presence of well equipped ICT labs, reliable computers well connected to internet and probably supportive school management which is contrary to the counterparts.

Access to ICT (Information Communication Technology) such as the internet can enhance the lives of rural citizens, provide educational knowledge, provide information about agriculture and off-farm livelihoods, deliver public services and dessiminate health knowledge.

ICT can potentially transform Uganda’s villages’ ,mobile phones and web applications are gradually improving the productivity of farmers by facilitating easy access to educational information. It has greatly extended E-learning services to students in hard to reach areas, e-commerce opportunities beyond traditional agriculture, and communications tools for fostering social inclusion among the elderly.

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Therefore i call upon the responsible government agencies to contemplate about the matter and act accordingly. all we need is improving the education sector and equipping the youths with skills. In this 21st century we cant thrive without the awareness of technology. Don’t only think of taxing the social platforms without extending the needed materials to the citizens.

The writer is a Concerned Citizen born of Lwemiyaga Ssembabule District.
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