JANET MUSEVENI: Cabinet to decide schools re-opening date

KAMPALA, UGANDA: First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni has urged students over 18 years and teachers to get vaccinated, as that will determine how soon schools will re-open.

She however added that, “this does not mean that those selected learners will report to school immediately. The date of reporting will be communicated to the public as part of a revised School Calendar once a re-opening date has been agreed upon by Cabinet.”

Janet Museveni was speaking after the release of the Senior Six – Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education(UACE) results.

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According to the examinations board UNEB, the 2020 UACE performance was better than the previous cycle judging from the results that saw 70% of the candidates in 2020, compared to 64% in 2019 attained principal passes to qualify them for progression to university education.

“The sooner many of you get vaccinated, the sooner we will open the institutions of learning. Learners above 18 years and teachers should get vaccinated. In the meantime, as we all celebrate and thank God for the good performance of our young people whose results are being released today, please keep observing the basic COVID-19 SOPs,” she said

The selection exercise for S.1, S.5, and first years for tertiary institutions is set to be completed in the period of September and October 2021 despite no promotions yet for those in Primary 6, Senior 1, S3 and S5.


An analysis of the overall candidates’ performance in the examination shows that a very high percentage of candidates (99.2%) qualified for the award of the UACE, more than the 98.6% of 2019. There is better overall performance than that of 2019.

At the minimum two Principals level required for University admission, 68,013 candidates (69.8%) qualify, which is 2,290 more than in 2019. In cases where one Principal and two Subsidiary passes levels are considered for admission to other tertiary institutions, 89.3% of the candidates will qualify.

The best blind candidate is Elaju Daniel from Iganga SS who scored A, A, A in History, Christian Religious Education and Literature in English respectively, and Subsidiary passes in General Paper and Computer Studies.

The best dyslexic candidate is Akantambira Shiphra from Bweranyangi Girls School with B, B, B in Entreprenuership Education, Economics and Literature in English respectively and subsidiary passes in General Paper and Subsidiary Mathematics.

Namwase Rinnah Marion from Mbale Progressive SS is the best deaf candidate who scored C, E, C in History, Entrepreneurship Education and Christian Religious Education respectively, and subsidiary passes in General Paper and Computer Studies.

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Kayira Reese Terah from Hilton High School is the best physically handicapped candidate who scored C, A, C in Mathematics, Art and Building Drawing respectively, and subsidiary passes in General Paper and Computer

Source: The Independent

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