OPINION: Ugandan Education at the Slaughter House

Author: Stanley Opolot - The writer is a member of the National Christian Students Association

OP-ED: It is been roughly two years ever since the pandemic kicked in hence the lockdown on various institutions in this country, Uganda.

The different sectors have encountered their hells without leaving out the education sector which has endured tremendous negative effects.

Let us pen a few effects the lockdown has harvested for the education sector;
We have students who have lost interest in academic pursuits due to the extended lockdown. There has undoubtedly been a mass degradation of educational knowledge attained through their academic experience which was before the tragic lockdown.

Due to the contemptuous decision, some students have discovered other paths against their academic dreams. If for example one student somehow found a job that pays him or her UGX250,000 per month, they feel that that’s all that matters without realizing that their academic path has become a rot.

Yes let’s not forget the teachers who have given up their profession to things not related to their profession, young girls that became pregnant during the lockdown and now have family responsibilities at a tender age, students that committed suicide because hope was lost spiced up by the poor results obtained, to mention but a few. A mere thought of the effects of the lockdown is in itself an effect since it can cause serious traumas. There’s fear for the future among the learners and teachers, a situation never witnessed in this nation.

We shall talk about teachers who have greatly suffered poverty and incapable of feeding their families or pay various bills. Of course, the schools which are sold off to Real Estate investors/businessmen and turned into hotels, motels etc. What a howl of pain! The ululation raised seems not to have any attention.

History is taught in schools as a subject but apparently an immense part of ‘schooling’ has become history itself. Indubitably, someone turned the tables upside down. Why really?

It will cost us a lot to bring the education sector back to it’s original growing state if the government persisted on having schools closed or even opening them with tight SOPs. Everything thrives in liberty.

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Does someone care the damage caused? What quality of education should we expect after the lockdown? Have we any ligament left in Ugandan education system, sadly! The prosperity we’ve sung for the citizens isn’t found in the prisons. Fact!

The effects of this cataclysm on education are relatively similar to those on the faith of the believers which is considered the anchor for their lives.

As we jog our memories about the church buildings that were broken down in 2020, how about churches that were burnt to ashes while the church is/was “praying from home”? Is God still the major factor or we can explain?

Imagine God turning out to be an alternative to a believer and where does that drive the nation? But like Jesus said “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” ~ Mark 9:42. It’s very dangerous to fall into the hands of the Lord, oh politician! You’re responsible.

The status of the nation is determined by its relationship with God and this must sink in for a moment. It’s an insolent undertaking and a high degree of hoity-toity, talking about God while binding the churches.

As light puts out darkness, every problem has a solution. Alright! We’ve prayed from home and proved it doesn’t work. So can’t we try something else that worked in the bible times?

What if our ears inclined to the men that God ordained to speak to the nation as it were in the olden days of the bible? This has a forthwith response as proven in the times past.

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We can only complicate matters when we look outside this rich nation and yet in our midst is Prophet Elvis Mbonye who has constantly stood out to countered(by divine wisdom) the decision made by government to lock down the places of worship and schools. Indeed “Man of God, be God’s man. Woman of God be God’s woman” ~ Prophet Elvis Mbonye

While wrapping up the online fellowship meeting on 3rd August 2021 (, Prophet Elvis Mbonye cautioned about “Politicians who are Christians instead of Christians who are politicians.” If we preponderantly had the latter, the schools and places of worship would be open as is the case in other nations. Maybe we have a different improved species of covid-19!!!

God has entrusted you, Christian, with the authority to have the liberty reinstated in the church and not the lost politician taking charge. Surprisingly, this working is not in the “closet-hide and seek”

There is a time in the Old Testament when Kings inquired from the Prophets on everything ranging from matters of faith, economics, politics and many more national concern points. There were unbearable consequences when the kings took their own paths forsaking the godly directives and we can learn from history in order to have a better future.

Perhaps, let’s recapitulate this Prophecy of the updf choppers crashing after being warned by Prophet Elvis Mbonye (

Yes, certainly, schools are going to be opened but is the state ready to bandage the damage?
The nation thrives in liberty and in the words of Prophet Elvis Mbonye, “Is there only one way of dealing with the covid situation” What about Texas and Florida that took a different decision?

“For God and my country”! Hey politician! Are you sure????

The writer is a member of the National Christian Students Association

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