MARK KAYEMBA: Imagine running a race aggressively with no prize ahead

OP-ED: Imagine running a race aggressively with no prize ahead, leaving scars and filled with regret. With life becoming more and more meaningless, amidst all chaos, there is a deep cry inside the masses yearning for freedom but they heap this desire for expression with excuses of convenience and safety. They walk on a path that seemed right but only to realize that it was the greatest mistake ever made.

Right from childhood, we have always believed that all leaders are normally chosen by God, but in such moments we come to second guess they are still following the vision of God. This has left a lot of questions as to whether we as the nation are still walking the Godly way or the way of science. Have we ceded ground to science?

It is apparent that even the church has gone silent, and that they are ceding more and more ground to scientific recommendations thus ignoring the faith aspect of humanity which they should champion.

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I woke up with all these thoughts running through my mind, thinking about how the voice of God has been closed off with all manner of excuses that have been propagated by the media, politicians, and even some ‘men/women of God. This has been highly demonstrated through their plans and decisions to lockdown and antisocial distance which are discriminately enforced on worship. They proclaim how life ought to operate according to scientific standards but yet yielding no fruit for over 18 months.

These leaders have imposed an indefinite lockdown on places of worship as if the first one was not useless enough. It is increasingly being brought to light that there has been an intentional suppression and violation of the freedom of worship. It is contemptuous to relegate the opening of places of worship up to when the science approves!  

“How could you have fallen prey to the dictates of nature?”, You may ask. The answer is in the scripture below:

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Jeremiah 18:15 (King James Version) Because my people have forgotten me, they have burnt incense to vanity, and they have caused them to stumble in their ways from the ancient paths, to walk in paths, in a way not cast up.

The writer is a member of the National Christian Students Association.

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