OP-ED: What are you conscious of?

Author: Olowo Arthur

OP-ED: The world today is rich in knowledge on so many aspects of life. You can now walk into a library, or simply browse the internet, turn on the TV or radio, or even ask the automated bots on every aspect of life. That’s how simple life has been made, and with this bank of endless information, all the complexity of it has almost been brought to not. With such privileges, it’s inarguably the best time to be alive.

Nonetheless, behind all this are principles governing the availability or access of this information and the end of it is what is commonly referred to as a narrative. Those in possession of this information have an upper hand on releasing to you which information is necessary to consume or access. It’s like a universal life algorithm we are all a part of which subsequently defines what reality is.

Previously, the reality was all that corresponded to your five human senses because that’s all you were aware of. With the advancements in science and technology, reality has expanded to include things scientifically proven and perhaps, everything big media spews out. With more prejudice than ever, if the narrative is from a big source, it’s considered “credible”; it’s true, it’s real.

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Someone can arguably say this is all there is to life. What we perceive sensually and the empiricallness of science. Science has scaled our awareness past just the senses, helping us perfect our ways to recognize, determine, and diagnose issues of life. Objectivity, integrity, and rationality among others, are traits science has equipped humanity with over the years.

However, it is also undeniably true that reality to man has always gone past the realm of the senses and empirical.

There is countless proof that there lies more beyond what our eyes can see, our ears can hear, what we can taste, or even what can touch. Though science has failed to establish a proper description of it, yet acknowledges its existence.
Take for instance, the case of a mother-child relationship where a mother can almost know things about her child without much examination, this to many is called parental instinct.

Science has only been able to explain aspects of this natural phenomenon. So many times parents have shown peculiar insight concerning their children’s state of living at any given time without any physical connection but just through some “peculiar knowledge”.

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In our world Today this knowledge doesn’t stand with the empirical and justifiable thriving about intuitive or perceptual knowledge. The church has for many decades been at the center of such perception and with gatherings limited many that once thrived on God’s Revelation on life aren’t enjoying this priceless gift due to conclusions made by inclusive scientists.

Throughout Church history solutions to many issues came by this way to mention but a few: Daniel revealed a dream to King Nebuchadnezzar that many astrologers failed to do concerning the future of the Babylonian empire (Daniel 2: 1- 46), Prophet Elisha when he prayed to God for his servant Gehazi’s eyes to be opened to see the chariots of fire (2 Kings 6:17) are just a few from the vast experiences of men that have relied on knowledge today we ignore.

I beg to ask a question, what happened to this knowledge? Was its efficacy wiped out by disease or was it pushed out of our conscious sphere of decision making? Man cannot live ignoring the signs that point to our supernatural heritage and all life’s solution have a touch of such knowledge to them.

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