BEN SSEBUGUZI: Bad Black meets the scales of a Brand Ambassador

Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is the new Brand Ambassador of Victoria University

OPINION: You can even call her the sales associate of Victoria University from today after penning down the agreement to carry out her duties as the University’s brand ambassador.

Away from what people perceive her in a negative way, others often see positive elements in socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black that can make the people who hire her to maximize her potential. We have seen how she uttered her word of mouth of marketing in reinforcing the sex workers to follow SOPs of the ministry of health in combating the covid-19 pandemic. This is a very good ingredient in the role of a brand ambassador.

Another way how Bad black is a powerful force to reckon with in selling a brand, is her power on social media as a blogger. Those who follow her can attest that she is a suitable brand ambassador because she has a very large following on Facebook, Twitter, and others.

This extraordinary businesswoman might be more available than other suitors in product and event marketing hence benefiting Victoria University. This means that she is trustworthy and reliable.

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Furthermore, I want to believe that Victoria University wanted her to appeal to the informal sector players and all people who follow celebs to come and enroll for the about 50 human development courses that are offered at Victoria University. These courses are good for the public because they sharpen the beneficiaries to be competitive in the job market. Given the fact that covid 19 has ravaged our pockets, parents may opt for these courses for their children.

These are the other basic characteristics of brand ambassador characteristics that Bad black possesses namely:

  1. Brand ambassadors must show an authentic passion for their brand and products. Branding is dependent upon their effective communication of enthusiasm, which will influence the purchasing patterns of their following. After having established expertise in the product, consumers will look to a brand ambassador for advice. The relationship with the consumer will only prove effective and authentic through passion.
  2. Brand ambassadors exist to help a brand create strong, lasting relationships with customers. Customer loyalty encompasses a large portion of sales.
  3. Ambassadors need to have a passion for the product and brand, but also for people and building relationships.
  4. Maintaining strong bonds with people maintains a wide customer base while creating a lasting brand identity and promoting sales. Ultimately, both consumers and brands seek lasting relationships built on trust and consistency.
  5. As a brand ambassador, you will support that ideal and serve as a mediator to guarantee the success of that goal.

The write; Ben Ssebuguzi, is an economist, businessman and Secretary-General of Uganda Poor Youth Movement.

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