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Gen. Moses Ali treated to a rude homecoming by Adjumani leaders

Gen Moses Ali being recieved by UNHCR officials at Mungula (Photo by Amacha Goli)

ADJUMANI, UGANDA: The Second deputy prime minister and leader of government business in parliament Gen. Moses Ali has decried the mounting political differences in the Adjumani district which he attests will hurt the people and undermine development if leaders do not exercise total restraint and tolerate one another.

Visibly irked Gen. Moses Ali said, “I have been a unifying factor in the district, the neighborhood, and Uganda because I joined politics in 1968 and the success was brought about by working with others”.

The second deputy premier was yesterday, October 22, 2021, at the bean harvest celebration in Mungula refugees farm, in Adjumani.

The statement of Gen.Moses Ali stems from the absence of all the district leaders at the function which many believe was a deliberate boycott following a divisive campaign terrain during the 2021 elections.

At the function, the district chairman Anyama Ben, CAO Wanje Michael, DC Taban Data Peter, and Itirikwa sub-county chairman were conspicuously absent, although the RDC and CAO were represented.

Gen. Moses Ali said by his appointment as a deputy prime minister he can officiate at functions in any part of Uganda. “I know this is not my constituent and I can see all the leaders are conveniently not present which is a sign of non-cooperation among the members of parliament”.

He held that he does not really care and nothing will scare him because what is clear is the leaders who boycotted the function work in offices that can be represented and cautioned them against taking the political differences very far

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“I have come to show you I have been sick but improving and I want the deputy RDC to inform his boss that Gen. Moses Ali is improving and when he feels it is difficult to work with a deputy prime minister I will cause his transfer or he can even choose where to go since am allergic to him.

The Adjumani woman MP Ababiku feigned ignorance, she said she was not aware of the beans harvest function because she did not receive any invitation and challenged the organizers to show proof of her invitation to the event.

Ababiku Jesca who sounded surprised at the remark of Gen. Moses Ali said if she received a communication she would have responded because the entire district is her constituent and promised to make a follow-up and shame officials who are trying to confuse leaders.

The Adjumani East MP Mamawi James conceded having received the invitation on the telephone but then it was on the eve of the function when he was in Kampala so he could not make it.

On whether he indeed has unresolved political differences with Gen. Moses Ali, he said he cannot hold a grudge against Gen. Moses Ali because he considers him as a great grandfather, besides he is the founder of Adjumani district and promised to pay him a courtesy call in Kampala and discuss the matter.

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The Adjumani district chairman Anyama Ben, who does not look eyeball to eyeball with the powerful Gen.Moses Ali could not return a telephone call seeking comment as he was reported in Gulu for official duty.

The 2021 parliamentary and local council five elections have been very divisive as the NRM party was torn into two factions with Gen.Moses Ali commanding faction A and the iron lady, Adjumani woman MP Ababiku Jesca heading NRM B.

In the ensuing political power struggle, NRM B emerged the victor scooping two MPs and the district chairman as Gen.Moses remained the only person in the contest.

The political differences are visible and Gen. Moses Ali is aware of the differences are taken too far it will hurt the people and further cause divisions in NRM as the political fabric of the party is now in tatters.

This is the first appearance of Gen. Moses Ali in Adjumani district after swearing-in as Member of Parliament and second deputy prime minister and he mirrors he was treated to a rude home return by leaders.

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