Gen Moses Ali accuses Adjumani based journalist of wishing him dead

Adjumani Journalist Amacha Goli

ADJUMANI, UGANDA: The infuriated second deputy Prime Minister Gen. Moses Ali lashed out at Adjumani based senior journalist Amacha Goli whom he accused of wishing him dead when he was in his sick bed in Ankara Turkey.

Gen. Moses Ali said, fortunately, he is still alive and steadily improving and those who think he is weak should visit him and see for themselves.

The imposing Gen. Moses Ali was angered by a question paused by Amacha Goli during a press briefing held yesterday, October 22, 2021 at the UNHCR farm in Mungula Itirikwa Sub County Adjumani district.

Amacha Goli who was reacting to a statement made on the long-standing Apaa conflict by Gen. Moses Ali, he wondered what magic bullet Gen. Ali will fire to end the Apaa conflict when for over a decade he has failed to find a solution.

Furious Gen. Ali sharply replied that the question Amacha Goli intended to ask was, “what if he had died in Turkey would he be able to resolve the Apaa conflict?”.
“Fortunately am alive and I will not die this evening and the following morning so those who wished me dead will have to wait because not body wishes him or her dead. He said”.

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Gen.Moses Ali however said the issue of Apaa will be resolved in the pending meeting between leaders in Amuru and Adjumani that will be chaired by President Yoweri Museveni, stating that all scientific evidence shows Apaa is in Adjumani district.

Senior Journalist Amacha Goli, however, said Gen.Moses Ali misinterpreted his question completely and out of context, noting that he is very small to engage the powerful UPDF general in any contest.

Amacha Goli said the statement does not worry him because he has never celebrated death in his life and such practices are not synonymous with Madi culture.
“I have known Gen. Moses Ali since childhood; he was a very good family friend and used to dine with my late father” He lamented.

Gen.Moses Ali was taken ill soon after the swearing-in of MPs, he was flown for treatment to Turkey’s capital Ankara and he returned on September 8,202, he acknowledges that he is now steadily recovering.

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