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Is Joseph Kony back?? Acholi Gang Mutilate Adjumani Residents as Violence Escalates in Apaa Land Conflict

The residents in the area believe the attackers could be the former fighters of the Lord’s Resistance Army [LR] of Joseph Kony because the way they execute their killings and cruelty on their victims is similar.

File Photo of Angry youths in Apaa

ADJUMANI, UGANDA: There is fresh escalations of violence in Ngoro area – Aliwara Village, Mungula Parish in Adjumani district as one person has been confirmed dead, one missing, the other in serious condition while one is steadily recovering from Mungula health center IV.

The deceased has been identified as Muroga Alex while David Ambayo is missing and feared dead and a one Draga Ezekiel is fighting for his life in Adjumani hospital. Another victim, Adinan Amaku is ailing in Mungula Health center IV.

There is military installations in Zoka C which is close to Ngoro area but the way the attackers beat security surveillance and executed their mission undetected demonstrates, their military skills and experience, the gang group can therefore not be taken less seriously according to a veteran UPDF officer who preferred to remain unnamed

The residents believe the attackers could be the former fighters of the Lord’s Resistance Army [LR] of Joseph Kony because the way they execute their killings and cruelty on their victims is similar.

The survivor of the onslaught, Adinan Amaku who has been admitted to Mungula health center IV, recounts that the quartet went to prepare their gardens when they were attacked by the Acholi gang group numbering about 30.

Adinan Amaku narrates that the group armed with sharp pangas, bows and arrows, spears, and clubs stormed the garden of Muroga Alex, ordered him to lie down but when he resisted they started manhandling him.

He said in the ensuing fracas, they cut him on the head, chopped off his right hand, damaged both his ankles with huge clubs, and shot him with dozens of arrows.

The blood fervent Acholi bunch of criminals launched another deadly attack on Ambayo David aged 35, he took off for his dear life as the athletic fierce men, gained on him so fast and all of them disappeared in the thicket, nothing was heard from Ambayo David again.

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The attack on Draga Ezekiel aged 43, who is fighting for his life in Adjumani hospital is so cruel, nasty, and horrific, he is alive but the body is badly mutilated the same way the, Lord’s Resistance Army effected their brutality and butcheries.

Ailing Draga Ezekiel was chopped with a sharp panga twice on the head, his right arm was chopped, he was shot with arrows, on the buttocks, on the left ribs and another arrow landed on his private part, both knees and ankles were shattered using clubs.

Draga Ezekiel battling for his life in Adjumani hospital today [January 20, 2022]

The only person who evaded the attackers successfully is Adinan Amaku, besides being injured, on the right foot, he made it to a safer zone and was hurried to Mungula health center IV.

The UPDF and Madi vigilantes including local council officials have mounted a search for missing Ambayo David, with his jacket being recovered so far after it was found speared on a branch of a dead tree.

Leku Patrick, aged 25, a caregiver to Ezekiel Draga, appears in total shock-wave, as his brother apparently needs specialized care, but leaders at all levels appear bothered, Draga Ezekiel could therefore be in his death bed.

The Adjumani hospital medical superintendent Dr.Ambaku Michael, who examined the body of the deceased Muroga Alex told journalists this morning [January 20, 2022] that the body had multiple cuts, notably; the right palm was cut off, the large veins on both legs, below the ankle, were also severed leading to hemorrhagic shock.

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The Adjumani RDC Taban Data Peter, said the attackers, will pay for their sins since the law does not allow extrajudicial killings adding that the security has taken charge and the hunt for the perpetrators is on.

He said the motive of the attack is based on the ongoing land wrangles while condemning the actions of the attackers in the very strongest terms possible and appealed to the leaders of Madi and Acholi sub-regions to sort out the long standing land feud before it escalates into a fully blown tribal conflicts.

The injured feet of Draga Ezekiel who is battling for his life in Adjumani hospital

On September 19, 2021, a suspected Acholi gang group attacked a group of three Madi youth who were going to the garden in the same area murdering Idro Edward in cold blood, and the death of Idro Edward is still fresh in the minds of the Madi kinsmen

Several attempts by the leaders of Madi and Acholi to have the matter sorted out amicably have since failed to prompt President Yoweri Museveni to reign, but to date, there is no glimmer of hope for everlasting peace in the troubled Zoka area.

On September 2, 2021, President Yoweri Museveni had an elaborate meeting with the leaders in West Nile at state house Entebbe and promised to have the conflict resolved before the end of 2021, but a meeting that was scheduled for November 26, 2021, was called off indefinitely.

By the time of filing this report, no arrest has been made as the police comb the scene of the crime for clues leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

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