MARK JUDE MUGERWA: Self Responsibility

Responsible people don’t focus on witch hunting others by always looking out for who to blame, rather they concentrate on discovering solutions for whatever challenges at hand, regardless of who could have caused them.

Mark Jude Mugerwa


It sometimes baffles me when people speak of self-responsibility; what is self-responsibility? Literally, when we look at the word responsibility, it is a duty, obligation or liability for which one is held responsible. For example, a Chief Executive Officer shall be held responsible for all activities that take place in the company or business? Responsibility can also mean an assigned task to a successful conclusion.

With responsibility, one takes authority to direct and take necessary action to ensure success. Responsibility can also be defined as the state of being held accountable or answerable for a given activity, belonging or for a given number of people.

Meanwhile, self-responsibility refers to holding an obligation towards oneself, it involves forming one’s personality, character, demeanor, or disposition. It encompasses curbing one’s emotions, thoughts, and perceptions on given subjects. Self-responsibility of an individual involves one’s own reflective consciousness. All the above enables one to have an identity and build a character that defines oneself.

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Self-responsibility has got principles, let us look at some of them. First, instead of criticizing others, be quiet or else make the relevant correction. When you choose quietness over criticism, you exhibit the highest degree of maturity and at the same time allow no room for a life of regrets. Criticism in itself neither adds value to you nor to the one being criticized, instead it triggers hatred and undermines a harmonious and peaceful coexistence in society. One who holds personal responsibility to see to it that they live a life with a purpose needs to develop a discipline of correcting others out of respect and love for the other. It is through holding one’s hand and making that correction amicably. 

Secondly, instead of complaining, make a suggestion. A responsible person is defined by the way he brings on board meaningful and practical ideas that would produce tangible results. Whoever treasures living a purposeful life ought not dwell on complaints, rather be a think tank of brilliant suggestions that will change the status quo. All the time, we complain because of this or that but do you think it is the right thing to do? Take time to think and state that suggestion in a well-built assertive way, and you tell the results.

Thirdly, instead of looking for a culprit, find a solution. Responsible people don’t focus on witch hunting others by always looking out for who to blame, rather they concentrate on discovering solutions for whatever challenges at hand, regardless of who could have caused them. This alone makes a self-responsible person one who is ever optimistic and seeing every problem as an opportunity for attaining greater success. This is the kind of attitude that ought to be developed and emphasized by whoever desires to live a purposeful life.

Actually, instead of playing the victim, strive to become a winner. A self-responsible person will not look for who to blame for the negative occurrences in their life, instead he/she will deliberate on means of emerging victorious amidst numerous challenges. This truly defines what it means to take personal responsibility of hardships and turn around the situation into real success, thus a life well lived. It always lies in being a winner, acknowledging your dreams to be a winner and to rest not until you are one. Don’t play the victim, play the role of winning.

Meanwhile, instead of justifying your mistakes, learn from them for the better. It’s from our mistakes that We learn and tend towards perfection. It would be doing oneself a disservice by being in a comfortable zone in the mix of mistakes made. It’s far more productive rather to identify those errors made and make requisite improvement to reach the desired end, which is nothing but ultimate fulfilment and great success. Justifying your mistakes is like settling for less yet you can do better or even best because it is through mistakes that we get used to the pain of failure that makes the path to success a desirable one to attain. 

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Lastly, instead of judging others, do self-examination and judge your own attitude. It’s so easy and swift a process to pass judgement over others, however it becomes a great setback for the perpetrator as it makes you conceive a false belief that you’re at your best. This is so deceptive an attitude as it hinders one from aiming higher. If you want to make greater strides towards attaining your true purpose in life, embark on examining one self, judge your attitude and nourish it so you get ever renewed and always moving from the present state to a better one. Don’t look for sports in people’s eyes, yet you have more in your eye. It is said, “who judges others condemns himself.” There is always more to life than judging and condemning others.

In a nutshell, we are a people that God create with a lot of aptitudes. We are capable of doing great things but they need that concept of self-responsibility to be guided well. The world will always welcome that who is responsible, one who respects and loves others as himself. The final catalyst is all about love which calls for respect of oneself and others.

MUGERWA MARK JUDE (Markjudemugerwa@gmail.com)

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