MUST-READ: How Victoria University VC Prof. Lawrence Muganga is championing Uganda’s Education Sector

Prof. Lawrence Muganga, the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, one of the leading private international universities in Uganda.

File Photo: Prof. Lawrence Muganga is the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, one of the leading private international universities in Uganda

A name that has for a couple of months been on every flip and page on social media about Uganda’s education system is Prof. Lawrence Muganga, the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, one of the leading private international universities in Uganda.

Muganga, as he fondly proudly prefers to himself assumed the Vice-Chancellor seat two years ago, in an era of covid-19 pandemic but he arose to beat the odds and his first 24 months in charge of the Ruparelia-owned institution has seen the swiftest progress ranking the University as one of the best higher institution of learning in the region.

Ever since he stormed Uganda’s education sector, Prof. Lawrence Muganga a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) holder has and is still working hard to restore the promise of higher education and is motivated to make a difference not only in Uganda but also in the entire region…trust me he is on the right track based on the signals on the ground (at Victoria University).

He recently had a chat with local news hub TheSwiftNews and below is a narration of how the exclusive interview went.

What He Has So Far Achieved For Victoria University & Uganda’s Education Sector

If we’re to mention it all here, then you will spend the whole of today scrolling through this page, therefore not to bore you, let’s pick a few and summarize them this way;

Prof. Muganga who joined Victoria University in 2020 has since been praised as one of the most workaholics and innovative Vice Chancellors Uganda has ever had in its history, am sure by the end of this article you will be able and have a reason to to believe this…we kick it off!

Prof. Lawrence Muganga

Under his stewardship, Victoria University last year acquired a charter from the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) following its continued efforts in revolutionizing the education sector in the country despite the covid-19 pandemic side effects that saw millions of institutions of learning unable to keep up.

The Charter which takes effect upon gazettement and final approval by the President gives Victoria University authority to award Doctorate Programs alongside its undergraduate programs currently being offered. This is something most institutions in Uganda have sweatily worked for ever since they were established but unfortunately, few have achieved this, Victoria University inclusive of course…courtesy of Prof.Muganga’s tireless efforts.

Holding the above aside, out of the massive digital innovations established by Prof.Muganga at Victoria University, the institution this year scooped an EON-XR Centre which is actually the first-ever in Uganda…yes you read that right, no University has ever acquired this! In fact, if you doubt my post please you gat right to go ahead and ask Mr.Google…nothing, it’s only the mighty Victoria University.

We got a chance to interact with Prof.Muganga on the above milestone and told us that with this new technology, the university lecturers will be able to create interactive and immersive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality lessons without needing any coding or advanced technological knowledge. The lessons can then be distributed to their audience of students on common devices ranging from smartphones to laptops and to publicly available headsets.

”This is something that we as Victoria University can’t stop celebrating, and Ugandans should surely join us to celebrate this achievement…can you imagine a student now sitting in his swanky room and attend to lectures, viewing desktop displays, and interacting with fellow students just using the magic in the headset?,” questioned jubilant Muganga while talking to SwiftNews.

EON-XR is preparing millions of students, employees, and citizens for the present and future while both replacing and aiding traditional training and teaching methods in dozens of global universities.

Prof. Lawrence Muganga

Something amazing is here, Prof. Muganga didn’t only secure the centre but also secured the billions of funds required to set it up here in Uganda, what a patriotic Ugandan he is! Dear reader, setting up the EON-XR centre requires $15millions. Prof. Muganga had to ‘hunt’ for grants from a couple of organizations globally but mainly EON reality from Singapore to set up the centre.

”We are happy to be the first university approved to host an EON XR Reality Center, which means our students will be able to teleport themselves into a classroom in New York, London, Abuja or anywhere in the world,” humble but intelligent Muganga was quoted by our reporter as saying. That’s worth celebrating isn’t it? we continue below;

This same man (with due respect) immediately after landing at Victoria University he introduced something special that was lacking in Uganda’s education sector and that’s Experiential Learning. For those who didn’t know, this is the process of learning by doing. By engaging students in hands-on experiences and reflection, they are better able to connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations. Not yet over;

Prof. Lawrence Muganga

Innovative Muganga made headlines in recent deadly COVID-19 lockdowns. As many universities globally were closing, Victoria University was actually enrolling students for new semesters and old students were busy in exams others rushing for lectures. How did he make it? he introduced something unique called VClass…am sure you’re now giving hard time to your medulla figuring out what this crazy thing is!.. This is a unique online class that provides lectures to students where ever they are in the world, Yes you’re where ever you’re but being lectured from Kampala and freely interacting with the lecturer and; Not only the lectures were offered but students were also able to do; online tuition payments and online exams…so with Victoria University COVID-19 was just in news.

We got a chance to ask Muganga about this rare technology in the banana republic and here is how he responded;

”Modern education models and teaching methodologies demand that higher education institutions like our University aspiring to be leaders in education technology and provide real world learning experience should and must educate students to fit in both the 21st century economies and the Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR) because the world has changed and continues to change only well prepared will fit in it. One of the assured paths to deliver such meaningful learning is to ensure that learning happens Anywhere-Anytime. That is why Victoria University developed a state of the art learning management system (VClass) to support meaningful and interactive online learning and credible assessment of all our students.” You heard it from horse’s mouth? we proceed!

Infact, our sources with in Victoria University management revealed to our snoop that it’s during those pandemic days that Prof.Muganga was informed by his students that there are some courses that were lacking yet were vital. As a listening educator he made research about this and had to introduce them at Victoria University and among these he introduced include; education, film making (video/audio production), law (Bachelors’ in Criminology and Criminal Justice), Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Bachelor of doctor of pharmacy among others.

Just like we mentioned earlier, we care about your time but before we conclude this chapter, we got some good news for either your son or daughter planning to join Victoria University (because am now sure you already made a choice). On 22/6/2022 (this very week) Prof.Muganga registered another milestone for Victoria University after sealing a partnership with one of Uganda’s leading media empires; Vision Group, to facilitate a process that will help produce employable graduates for the job market.

It’s a common challenge in Uganda that most university students after ‘nailing’ their studies face it hard to find a place of practicing what they learnt, now this is no longer a challenge for students from Victoria University, Prof.Muganga has already secured their future at Vision Group.

Speaking during the function, Dr. Lawrence Muganga, the Victoria University Vice-Chancellor, noted that the two institutions are going to benefit from each other because they have so much in common.

“Vision Group has great resources that align with our educational models, for a person to thrive in this country you need to be employable, when a student joins Victoria University, we conduct an interest assessment where we ask the students about their interests, passion, strengths and where they see themselves in the next 10 years. After obtaining this information, then the students’ learning is personalized to their interests and passion and teachers start supporting the students accordingly,” Dr. Muganga said.

Now with this partnership, Victoria University media students will go through an internship at Vision Group and Vision group will tap into the University’s knowledge by using some of the experts to give comments and insights on certain topics in the media.

Can We End This Without Informing You How Prof.Muganga Has Helped Those Who Had Lost Hope For Higher Education? No.

Months after being appointed as the Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Prof.Muganga thought first about the financially struggling young Ugandans whose education hopes were cut shot by the COVID-19 and other economic barriers. The generous man introduced various scholarship programs meant to see those sisters and brothers that had opted to sit behind their future achieve their dreams.

A few of the scholarships we are to mention here include one introduced in October 2021 in which the University offered over 5290 scholarships to Ugandan legislators (members of parliament) to be offered to the financially struggling-best learners from their respective constituencies.

In less than three months, Muganga through Victoria University announced another bursary scheme with full scholarships for five disadvantaged Ugandans.The five scholarships were awarded by the Ruparelia Foundation to the neediest people whose livelihood depends on such opportunities.

We asked how Ruparelia benefits from sponsoring needy Ugandans and Mr Rajiv Ruparelia from the Ruparelia Foundation explained that the foundation has a mission of changing lives and they believe that by impacting these five people, they can each in turn transform the areas they come from.

“Development is a never-ending cycle. We know these people are going to go out there and create leaders, train people to improve standards of living and do things in a more sustainable way. I truly believe the selection process of these five was a robust procedure. I urge them to take their education seriously,” he shared then. Back to how God blesses Ugandans through His son Muganga!

In this very year, Muganga initiated another juicy partnership between Victoria University and MTN Uganda to offer 10 scholarships to creative and innovative teens across the country. Through this partnership, MTN Pulse and Victoria University provided five full and five partial scholarships to creative and innovative teens with transformational ideas that can be developed and implemented to solve society’s problems and positively impact society. These are now pursuing their studies without any financial stress. Trust me their future is bright.

Bloggers not left out too; Prof.Muganga is some one very social with all people of different categories. City bloggers under their umbrella body, Uganda Bloggers Association approached his office in 2021 and informed him how they had big dreams but could not achieve them due to impossible tuition charged by some of Ugandan Universities Victoria University NOT inclusive of course.

After hours listening to their heart touching stories, Prof.Muganga relieved them by informing them that they had been granted scholarships to study a course of their choice leading to an award of Master, Bachelor, Diploma or Higher Education Center.

After seeing how Prof. Muganga had warmingly welcomed these bloggers, then artists, comedians media personalities among other celebrities couldn’t stay behind. They rushed to Victoria University and applied for various courses.

Among the celebrities and prominent figures badly ‘eating up books’ at Victoria University include NTV Uganda’s news anchor and show host Faridah Nakazibwe, award-winning Guitarist and Singer Bruno K, Khalifa Aganaga, Baby Gloria (Gloria Murungi), Victor Ruz, Vision Group’s Laurian Lubulwa, and Urban TV’s Miles Rwamiti, NTV T-Nation show host Star Ashley among others. Thanks to Muganga’ thrilling hospitality and University’s social culture.

Dear readers, more will be unveiled in our next editions so let’s trim this here and answer the final question many have been asking of ”BUT WHO IS PROF.MUGANGA?”

All You Need To Know About Prof.Lawrence Muganga Is Here;

Dr Muganga is an Education Thought-Leader, Professor of Education, award-winning best-selling author, international curriculum speaker, and passionate about changing the education factory called the school in Uganda.

Dr Muganga has researched extensively and written about a cutting-edge educational paradigm titled Authentic Learning, this literary means an education that prepares learners for the real world by equipping them with real-life skills to handle life today and tomorrow.

He’s the author of “You can’t Make Fish Climb Trees: Overcoming Educational Malpractice through Authentic Learning” one of the bestselling books on Amazon and a must-read that provoked an international conversation about the ills of the education systems globally.


He attended Makerere University Kampala from where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science Economics and Rural Economy (1998-2001). Later, he proceeded with school at Makerere University from where he attained a Master’s Degree in Economic Policy Management (EPM), 2005-2007.

2011, IFSE Institute: Certificate Canadian Investment Fund Course (CIFC). Still, in 2011, he attended Georgia Brown College from where he obtained a Certificate in instructing adults (Teaching and Training).

2012-2018, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) Educational Administration and Leadership, Educational Policy Studies from the University of Alberta.

Dr Muganga as well attended Harvard University, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning from where he attained a Higher Education Teaching Certificate. He attended military training in Gabiro and intelligence training in Kibuye present-day Karongi, Rwanda.

Work & Experience

Dr Muganga provides independent policy advice, analysis, clear and user friendly research work.

He earned a name in Canada, Ethiopia, and Rwanda as a result of his service and he’s very talented and skilled in identifying and explaining strategy issues, researching contentious issues and explaining complex policies.

Dr Muganga is much interested in human capital development and improving human life quality and his major focus is development, planning, implementation, policy assessment and research studies.Here, Dr Muganga works hand in hand with think tanks, universities, policy institutes, multi-national development agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations, international aid organizations, education managers, administrators, leaders, policymakers, students, parents, community members, and governments to develop, implement and support Authentic Learning.

Muganga also renders support to curriculum experts, teaching facilitators, independent citizens searching for solutions to better the education system to deliver meaningful learning and trainers.

His advice is mainly focused on the urgency to equip learners with the skills needed to address challenges facing the 21st century and the forthcoming generations.

Dr Muganga plans to create centres of education, innovation, set up modern schools, and restructure classrooms to make learning relevant to the real world as well as develop a common 21st Century language for teaching and learning. He advocates for a revolutionized education model that would see learners’ individuality to empower them such that they traverse their future into real success and meaningful life.

Dr Muganga worked as a Performance Management Specialist for 4 years and 10 months since Feb 2017, in Edmonton, Canada. Then from August 2014-Feb 2017, he served as Program and Policy Advisor still in Edmonton, Canada.

May 2013-May 2014, Dr Muganga worked as the Acting Executive Director at Edmonton Multicultural Coalition.

He’s best at creating solid partnerships and effective working relations between various communities and organizations to successfully develop and deliver capacity building, recreation and social support opportunities.

June 2012-December 2013, Dr Muganga served as the Program Manager in Edmonton, Canada leading, managing and implementing programs whose goal was to make Edmonton safe habitant, work, play for humans of all cultural backgrounds through the Multicultural Coalition in partnership with Edmonton Police Service (EPS), REACH Edmonton and City of Edmonton Community Services.

May 2011-August 2012, Dr Muganga served as Outreach Support Worker at Capital Region Housing Works Project, Edmonton Mennonite Centre Edmonton, Alberta Canada. While in December 2010-February 2011, Dr Muganga was a Language for Workplace Connection Trainee, Toronto, Canada.

April 2010-July 2014, Dr Muganga was the Senior Fellowship and Coordinator, Strategy and Competitiveness at Rwanda Institute of Administration and Management. While in December 2007-July 2010, he was the Chairperson Board of Directors (Voluntary Work) at Rwanda Youth Network (RYN), Kigali Rwanda.

June 2007-June 2010, Assistant Lecturer Faculty of Economic Sciences at the Independent Institute of Lay Adventists of Kigali (INILAK), Kigali, Rwanda. While in March 2007-March 2010, Dr Muganga served as the Program Coordinator Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS), Kigali Rwanda.

May 2006-July 2008, he was the Assistant Lecturer of Management and Economics at Kigali Institute of Management (KIM), Kigali Rwanda. While in November 2012-present, Dr Muganga is the Vice President Board of Governance Rwandese Canadian Community of Edmonton (RCCE), Alberta Canada.

October 2012-March 2013, he was the Strategic Advisor, Mentor and Motivational Speaker at the African Canadian Centre for Excellence (ACE), Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

March 2013-present, Dr Muganga worked as the Organization Strategic Advisor at Canadian Heart across Borders (CHAB), Alberta Canada.

Dr Muganga has skills in identifying and explaining complex policy and strategy issues and researching contentious issues. He once served as the mouthpiece of the Rwandan community in Uganda.

Currently, Dr Lawrence Muganga is the current Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University Kampala deputized by Prof. Augustine Osamor Ifelebuegu...we meet again…!

Credit: SwiftNews

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