Police issue security tips for revellers ahead of Nyege Nyege festival

The three-day event is set to take place from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday September 18, 2022 attracting revellers from various parts of the country, East Africa and around the world.

KAMPALA, UGANDA: Police have issued a guide for revellers intending to attend this year’s Nyege Nyege festival scheduled to take place this weekend at the Itanda Falls, along the banks of River Nile in Jinja.

The three-day event is set to take place from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday September 18, 2022 attracting revellers from various parts of the country, East Africa and around the world.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga Monday revealed that the joint security teams will have a robust presence at the venue of the controversial Nyege Nyege festival to curb crime.

“There are people who are going there basically to target and harass young adults, especially girls. We shall be on the lookout for predatory and disruptive behaviours like those loitering around and those who trail lone and intoxicated individuals,” Enanga said while addressing the media on the weekly security briefing in Kampala.

“However, we are reminding you to keep an eye on what and how much you drink. Do not accept drinks from people you do not know, also ensure you have transport money to and from the venue as well as plans to get home safely after the funfair,” he added.

Police also warned revellers to keep valuables close to their bodies at all times especially wallets, passes and mobile phones. 

“Revellers especially females are cautioned to avoid entering campsites or tents without sufficient protection because once you are in somebody’s tent, it can easily compromise your situation and you will end up getting sexually assaulted which is risky,” Enanga warned. 

Should there be any victims of sexual violence, Police said they should have the courage to report immediately to enable police to investigate, but also provide emergency PREP treatment for sexual-related diseases. 

Revellers are also reminded to pay attention to exit routes to evacuate from the premises in case of any emergencies. 

Since the venue spans across sections of the River Nile, police said swimming is strictly prohibited and together with UPDF marine forces, officers will be deployed along the banks to ensure people do not go into the waters.

The police have also vowed to curb; loitering, leering, trailing lone or intoxicated individuals, harassment of females especially young female adults, committing acts sexual violence, physical assaults, robberies and thefts, among other crimes.

Below is a list of the Nyege Nyege guidelines issued by Enanga;

  1. Ensure you have transport money or means to and from the venue.  And have a plan for getting home safety.
  2. Stick with your friend and keep an eye on each other.
  3. Do not pick up drinks at random, you have no way of knowing what is in them.
  4. Drugs will not be tolerated at the event.  And there will be a very strict search policy in place by police.
  5. Do not leave your drinks and property including bags and mobile phones unattended. We would also urge people not to bring unnecessary bags to the event.
  6. Keep valuables close at all times.  Keep wallets and purses out of sight.
  7. We anticipate predatory behavior from sex predators, targeting young adults and women. Be on the look-out for potential sex predators spotting and stalking you.  We shall be on the look-out.
  8. Do not enter into a camping site or tent without your will. Avoid any compromising situations like lone movements especially at night. Entering a tent can easily lead to acts of victimization including sexual violence.
  9. Notify medics and police in case a health concern arises.
  10. While at the venue, revelers should make sure they are aware of the surroundings. They should report any suspicious object or persons to the police or the organizers
  11. Revelers should pay attention to where they can exit from at the venue and have a plan in case thy need to leave quickly.
  12. The open waters of the R. Nile are discouraged for swimming.
  13. Ensure your camp or tent is not left unsupervised.
  14. When buying a ticket, ensure it is bought directly from the event organisers.
  15. When you are finished using your phone -put it away. Thieves can grab a phone from a table in seconds.
  16. Victims of sexual abuse or violence should take courage and immediately report to the police for investigations and post-rape treatment.

The security guidelines from police follow another set of the same from the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance. Among them is the prohibition of vulgar language, songs, expressions and gestures.  

Sex orgies and nudity as well as the use of contraband/narcotic drugs have also been prohibited at the festival. Persons under the age of 18 are also barred from attending the festival.  

Nyege Nyege, coined from the Luganda word, ekinyegenyege, means uncontrollable urge. 

Among Swahili speakers, Nyege, means lust. The festival is fronted as one where revellers have unlimited fun.  

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