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UNEB Releases 2022 UACE Results as girls outperform boys again

An analysis of the overall performance in the examination shows that a very high percentage of candidates (99.2%) qualified for the award of the UACE, just as was the case in 2020.

UNEB Executive Secretary Mr Dan Odongo

KAMPALA, UGANDA: The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has released the results of the 2022 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations as girls outperformed boys yet again.

The UACE results were today (Friday, March 3, 2023) released by Higher Education Minister John Chrysestom Muyingo in the company of the UNEB Executive Secretary Mr Dan Odongo and Board Chairperson Prof Mary Okwakol at the President’s office in Kampala.

As was the case in 2020, Odongo revealed that female candidates in the 2022 UACE examinations proportionally (in terms of percentages) performed better than the males at all levels, and have shown a lower failure rate. Even at individual subject levels, they have shown a better performance.

“The females who got three principal passes are 48.6% compared to 40.1% for the males. At two principal passes level and above, the females were 75.1% compared to 67.0% of the males. Although the female candidature is a little lower, the proportions of those who passed is better compared to the boys,” he said.

Mr Odongo, however, decried the declining performance in science subjects such as Biology compared to 2020 results where there was a hope of its improvement.

“Examiners have attributed this to candidates having problems in questions on Genetics, Ecology and applications of biological concepts to the environment, Classification and inability to deal with simple mathematical computations in Biology,” said Odongo while releasing the results.

“Female entries for the Sciences and Mathematics have remained lower than that of the males, consistent with the fact that overall female entry is lower than that of the males. Candidature was 29.6% for Mathematics, 6.1%% for Physics, 16.5% for Chemistry; and 15.9%% for Biology.”

“Their performance was undermined by misunderstanding questions, inability to describe, explain interpret offer logical arguments/ illustrations & specific examples to qualify their answers. Better answers were seen in parts of questions that are more direct. Some candidates rely on mnemonics in order to recall facts,” he added.

Prof Mary J Okwakol, the Board Chairperson at UNEB in her remarks said “the general performance of candidates has improved especially at the upper level of candidates obtaining 3 Principal passes. At the other levels, the pass rates are comparable.”

She added that in partnership with Makerere University, UNEB had conducted and completed a study on the decline in the number of girls at UACE levels, whose results will be disseminated soon.

UNEB chairperson Prof. Mary Okwakol

2022 UACE in Figures

According to statistics released by UNEB, a total of 97,889 candidates registered for the examination from 1, 969 Centres. Of the registered candidates, 42% were females while 58% were males.

Of these, forty thousand, seven hundred thirteen (40.713) were female candidates compared to 41,190 registered in 2020. The UACE examinations were in 2021 halted due to covid-19 pandemic and the need to reorganize the education curriculum to flow in the right path.

An analysis of the overall performance in the examination shows that a very high percentage of candidates (99.2%) qualified for the award of the UACE, just as was the case in 2020.

How to Check 2022 UACE Results

S.6 candidates can discover how they performed in their 2022 UACE Exams by getting their results via Short Message Services (SMS) on mobile phones following the procedure below;

Go to SMS and type “UACE,” leave a space, then type index number for example UACE U2769/018 and send it to 6600 on networks as will be specified by the board at the time of the release of the results.

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