Minister Kasolo to organize symposium against poverty among Bugweri women

The Minister was on Friday speaking as the chief guest at Bugweri district women’s day celebrations that took place at Naigombwa seed secondary school in Namalemba sub-county, Bugweri district where he emphasized women to involve in productive work.

The Satte Minister for Microfinance Hon Haruna Kasolo while addressing people at women's day in Bugweri district while in company of other leaders

BUGWERI, UGANDA: The state minister for microfinance and small enterprises Hon Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo has pledged to eliminate poverty amongst women in Bugweri district by teaching them how to get rid of poverty.

Minister Kasolo says that most of the women in Bugweri are not poor in actual sense but their rigidity in mindset has kept them discouraged. He promised to organize a poverty alleviation symposium, through the district women’s leadership but fully funded by himself.

Hon Minister was on Friday speaking as the chief guest at Bugweri district women’s day celebrations that took place at Naigombwa seed secondary school in Namalemba sub-county, Bugweri district where he emphasized women to involve in productive work.

Hon Minister Kasolo and Bugweri Woman MP Hon Rachael Magoola at the function

The function was leaned on the theme of ‘Equal opportunity in education, science and technology for innovation and a gender equal opportunity.’

“A poor person doesn’t look like you people but some of you are poor because you mismanage your money by doing what’s not right. This means that you’re not poor but the mindset needs to be changed and this is why I am going to bring a symposium to equip you with skills of making money and fighting poverty,” Minister Kasolo said before saying that wherever he has taken his team for poverty alleviation symposiums, people have changed their lives.

“Women should appreciate this government under president Museveni for bringing them on board and should always meditate on where the president has got them from. Don’t you remember that women couldn’t own property, could be chased by husbands’ homes when they died and property ceased?”

He, however, revealed a secret that government is planning to have everything catered for in all government schools with a requirement of only books for children. He says that the law which is being drafted by the minister of education and sports, who is also the first lady mentions giving free uniforms.

Hon Magoola and other women welcoming Hon Minister Kasolo on Friday

“The minister of education Hon Janet Museveni has brought a law but don’t enforce it before it’s approved. In future when parliament speeds up the process, there is no more paying anything in government school and we’re done with it in the cabinet. There is where it talks about giving them free uniforms,” he said.

The woman member of parliament Bugweri district Hon Racheal Magoola alias Obangaina commended women in Bugweri district for working together under the district women’s council and groups like Bugweri Women Leaders Multi Purpose Sacco where she gave them a dummy cheque of 1 million to support their activities whereas Hon minister promised them sh100m.

Hon Magoola presented a tractor from the ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries (MAAIF) which was commissioned by Hon Minister Kasolo.

“Working together is the only way which will help us move forward. In Koran, we read that Allah will bless people who work in unity. Hon Minister, these people have got the tractor to support them but I’m informing you that they lack seeds,” Hon Magoola said before encouraging women to embrace government programs.

Minister Kasolo commissioning the tractor from MAAIF which was delivered by Hon Magoola (Extreme Right)

She said that they are supporting women groups through savings as they wait to benefit from Parish Development Model(PDM). According to her, the tractor will be controlled by people themselves and those who would wish to use it will reach their woman chairperson at the village who will register a number of people before releasing it to the field for ploughing.

The chairperson women council Bugweri district Ms Nambeko Prossy Nakaima urged her fellow women to organize themselves and convince Hon Minister Kasolo to support their group of Bugweri women leadership multi-purpose Sacco with sh100 million which he promised.

“I urge you all to work together and meet what minister told us such that we get that sh100 million and I am convinced that we shall get that money after organizing ourselves in the shortest time possible,” Ms Nambeko said.

Hon Magoola and Bugweri women in jubilation on Friday

The function was attended by among others, the district LCV chairperson Hajj Shafiq Muziransa and his leadership, Iganga woman MP Kauma Sauda Alibaawo, the RDC Bugweri Ms Janet Billy Mulindwa and her deputy Mr Kato Dauda, LC3 chairperson Ibulanku sub county Ndhoga Ibrahim and other LC3s and various district stakeholders including NGOs.

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