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Uganda is ready for a female President – Nancy Kalembe Roars

Despite having a setback on the first day of the presidential nominations, female Presidential aspirant Nancy Kalembe Linda was finally cleared on Tuesday 3rd November to stand for presidency in the forthcoming general elections.

“I am hopeful Uganda is ready for its first female commander in chief and female president,” said Kalembe.

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While addressing the media shortly after her nomination, Kalembe has said her leadership will concentrate on Education, economy, health and great leadership and her manifesto will be based on living no one behind.

“When I am president our education system will be overhauled. If you want to destroy a society, undervalue the teacher. We will dwell on their welfare so that their dignity is given back to them,” said Kalembe.

Kalembe also said that if Ugandans remember who they are corruption will become history. She also said her leadership will be accountable and future focused.“We won’t dwell on what has happened.

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Future focussed harnessing future technologies and knowledge,”said Kalembe.

Kalembe was supposed to be nominated yesterday but experienced a setback after failing to present evidence that she had cleared the required nomination fees of Shs. 20million.

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