Fans blast Spice Diana over her ‘insensitive’ social media post

ENTERTAINMENT: Singer Hajarah Namukwaya popularly known as Spice Diana has tasted the wrath of anger from her fans mocking and trolling her left, right and centre following an ‘insensitive’ social media post she posted about the current political environment in the country.

For a while now, Spice’s fans have always demanded her to add a voice, and speak against the unfair arrest of her fellow singers such Bobi Wine and Nubian Li, the police brutality, torture among other things but she has always remained tight lipped.

But on Monday through her Facebook page, the Onsanuula hitmaker shocked her fans when she posted saying that “If its not business, its none of my business”, thus leaving her fans with a lot to debate on.

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Being that people have always waited for her comment, Spice’s humble post was immediately politicized, making her a target of all sorts of insults and abuses.Fans accused her of being insensitive.

In the comment box, a fan warned her that Ugandans never forget, she might act unbothered about what’s happening in the country lately, and people will also act unbothered when she needs them.

“Spice Ugandans never forget, you might think of staging a concert after 10 years when they have forgotten everything, my dear, you wont like it, if you really still need your music career just chill things of politics,” a one Bibianah Tab said.

“We are waiting for you on stage, we know you will need us, but you should stop being heartless, you know that we need a better Uganda but you even have confidence of posting such nonsense mbu its non of your business!!! Really!!”

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Others like Marie Mary also promised to get back at her when she stages a concert. “One day you will be here ranting please my fans vote for me. Come attend my concert in big numbers but since it wont be our business, then it will completely be none of our business mu loo.”

“As long as you’re a Ugandan it will be your business, unless you want to become a Kenyan,” a comment from Ken Wood read.

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