We’re Ready to Support Bobi Wine’s Presidential Election Petition – ANT Spokesperson

The head of ANT's Presidential Campaign team Winnie Kiiza (L) addressing the press alongside Party Spokesperson Wilberforce Seryazi and Gerald Karuhanga.

2021 ELECTION PETITION: Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) has today joined forces with their National Unity Platform (NUP) counterparts in challenging the outcome of the January 14, 2021 Presidential Polls.

The Party Spokesperson Wilberforce Seryazi disclosed this during an interaction with the press on Monday February 1, 2021.

Speaking today, Seryazi revealed that while they do posses multitudes of incriminating evidence, it was deemed right to unilaterally take the bull by its horns rather than disintegrate.

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“As a Party, we believe that the way forward should be one. We shall support any legal means that may be taken by the friendly forces in the opposition as far as challenging these elections is concerned,” Seryazi stated.

Winnie Kiiza, ANT’s National Campaign manager said that their decision not to petition courts as an independent entity should not be misinterpreted as cowardice nor a spontaneous reaction.

ANT Spokesperson Wilberforce Seryazi addressing journalists on February 1, 2021.
However, Kiiza explained that this action is as a consequence of several engagements they held with other opposition formations heading into this election.

“Some of you attended a press conference which was at Africana where we all committed ourselves to working together,” she intimated.

“In choosing as Alliance for National Transformation to work with friendly forces who have gone to court is not to say that we are fearing to go to court. But we are still committing ourselves to the rules of engagement that we set from the word go,” Kiiza added.

Asked why she had so much faith in courts, Kiiza affirmed that it is one of the legitimate options at their disposal and urged judges to handle the matter impartially.

“The judges should also be kind to Ugandans and listen to this case and grant it the merit it deserves. They are also Ugandans and they stay in Uganda. They see what is happening,” she implored.

“Let them not be judges of an individual, let them know that they hold these offices on behalf of Ugandans. And for us we still believe that they are independent. We can only say they are not independent after they have made themselves look so,” Kiiza warned.

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Five years ago while still in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Kiiza, together with colleagues, contemptuously turned down demands to challenge the 2016 Election Results citing judiciary’s lopsidedness.

ANT’s Presidential Candidate Gen. Mugisha Muntu Gregory came fourth with 67,574 (0.65%) votes in the January 14th presidential elections while NUP’s Kyagulanyi came second with 3,631,437 votes representing 35.08%.

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