Sheikh Umar Leaks Audio Pinning Late Muzaata’s widow sleeping with Shamba boy

As the war over late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s property rages on, shocking audio evidence has emerged implicating widow Kuluthum Nabunya in an extra marital affair with the family shamba boy.

Since the death of the cleric in December last year, a bitter war amongst the family members has erupted majorly on the legality of the widows’ claims to the deceased’s property.

Sheikh Umar Sadiq Ndawula, one of the leaders of Kibuli Muslim faction said a few days ago that Kuluthum had exhibited extreme misbehaviors prior to the death of her husband Muzaata.

The furious Muslim faith leader,during an interview on Spark TV noted that Muzaata and Kuluthum had separated by the time the former died.

To further stress how Kuluthum was unfit to benefit from Muzaata’s estate, Sheikh Ndawula said he had in his possession a voice recording said to be between Kuluthum and a family shamba boy suggesting that the two were sleeping together even before the death of Muzaata.

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” I have some audio evidence where the shamba boy is reminding Kuluthum that she had left her scarf at his place and she responds that it should stay there until she goes there next time to pick it,” he said.

“And this very Kuluthum is the one now being led to Muzaata’s house by Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi as if she is too knowledgeable about the Islamic faith,” Ndawula added.

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