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Ugandans at DRC border threatened by ongoing UPDF strikes on ADF Camps in Congo

A UPDF military tank on patrol in the DRC

KIKUUBE, UGANDA: Ugandans residing on the DRC Uganda boarder in Kikuube and Hoima Districts have expressed fear of possible attacks from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

According to the residents, due to the millitary strikes launched by UPDF on ADF camps in the DRC, the ADF may strike back to Ugandans leaving on the DRC-Uganda boarders causing harm to them.

The UPDF in collaboration with the DRC army have launched various strikes targeting mostly the ADF camps on Tuesday this week in order to chase away the rebels.

This was done after several terrorism attacks broke out in Uganda a few weeks back by the ADF rebels.

John Tibasiima a resident of Bugoma landing site in Kyangwali Sub county in Kikuube District wants government to deploy heavy security to safeguard Ugandans from attacks by the ADF which may occur as they try to fight back.

“The government have been so much reluctant security ways on the DRC- Ugandan boarders which is a threat to we Ugandans because due to lack of strong security on the boarders, rebels may cross to Uganda causing harvok to us”. Said Basiima.

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Stephen Bikobo resident of Kaiso landing site in Hoima District said there’s much need for security persons to make patrols on various landing sites which boarders with the DRC to stop rebels from entering Uganda.


Vicent Alpha Opio the Kikuube District vice Chairperson said, as district leaders they are also in fear that they may be attacked at any time by the ADF who may be fearing the strikes launched in their camps by the UPDF and end crossing to Uganda through the porous borders.


Julius Allan Hakiza the Albertine region police spokesperson said security is patrolling all the DRC boarders and they have deployed policemen both in uniform and non uniform to combat attacks by the ADF.

“Despite security measures put in place by the government but still residents should be vigilant on strange persons and report any suspect to local leaders as well as police”. Said Hakiza.

Hakiza added that since the UPDF launched their millitary strikes on ADF camps in the DRC, they have not registered any Congolese crossing the DRC boarders seeking for refugee.

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Amulani Tumusiime the Kikuube Resident District Commissioner says, the District have not yet received any threat from ADF rebels despite UPDF’s attacks in Eastern DRC.

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