Two suspects arrested over links to ADF rebel group

Police Spokesperson, SCP Fred Enanga confirmed the development on Monday, October 30, 2023

Kampala, (UG): Police Spokesperson SCP Fred Enanga revealed on Monday how the efforts of security intelligence led to the arrest and detention of two suspects linked with the deadly rebel camp of the Allied Democratic Forces – ADF.

In the first incident, Enanga said a 27-year-old man identified as Matsiko Farouk is under police custody in Ibanda District. Upon his arrest, Matsiko told police how he once worked for and belonged to the ADF Camps but later escaped and returned to his home village.

Matsiko, 27, who was residing in Kafunda cell, Ibanda Municipality before shifting to Nyanga cell, Mahyoro sub-county in Katagwenda district, for casual work became a subject of investigation and eventual arrest after the community suspected him of being a wrong person.

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“They alerted the police, and the suspect was arrested. Upon arrest, he admitted how he was allegedly kidnapped together with 5 others, in 2015 by ADF at River Nyamwamba, in Kasese, and taken to Kilembe highlands of Mt. Rwenzori where they crossed into the DRC, and trained as an Intelligence Officer,” Enanga told journalists on Monday during the weekly security briefing.

He added that upon interrogation, the suspect was found to be well versed with areas of Bundibugyo, Bwera, Luwero, and Najjanankumbi, and claims he escaped from Califonia ADF Camp and returned to his home village at Kafunda cell, Ibanda district.

In a separate development, Mr Enanga said Kampala CPS ar holding in custody a one Komaketch Ransur alias Kadogo an 18-year-old, ADF remnant who was found with live ammunition during a security intelligence operation in the city.

Upon his arrest, Mr Enanga says Komaketch admitted that he was recruited into the ADF when he was 7 years old and managed to escape from the ADF camp in Congo and return to Uganda.

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Police said an active intelligence unit is on the ground to monitor all loopholes left for exposure to the ADF to ensure the country is safe for all Ugandans and visitors.

“As the Joint Security Agencies, we are continuing to actively monitor all spaces for ADF elements and remnants, who are in hiding, because they still pose a danger to Ugandans and visitors in the country,” Mr Enanga said.

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