RHOJA MUSINGUZI: Fate, Grace or Just Luck?

Rhoja Musinguzi (Photo/File)

Different experiences call for different approaches depending on the particular situations which therefore yields respective consequences. To some, these outcomes are fair and just leaving people concerned contented and not complaining. Some raise their heads higher in acknowledgment of their personal efforts.

However, some others end up blaming it all on others as well as other supernatural powers; Devil or even God. On the other hand, to some, the suffering of one is instead a joy to them as they count it just and from the Supreme Ruler.

With all this happening, some come out to blame it all on colleagues or others and worst of all supernatural beings; the Devil whereas some call it all on God. Who is it to blame? Who is responsible for all this amidst the passing winds? Should it be God or Devil? Me or my neighbor or acquaintances? Or even just mere fate, destiny or luck catching up with me in the course of time.

As Soren Kierkegaard has to say: it is the act of making of choices that brings meaning to our lives and thus live authentically. It is own opinions and mature choices that ought to guide us through such occurrences and experiences. Whatever our decisions be, we ought to take full responsibility of it all and therefore welcome corresponding outcomes. Truly, God’s prior knowledge of our actions and decisions, does not cause them. We are rational beings with probably a free will to choose either this or not to. It is simply out of our limitedness as imperfect beings, that we run short of good decisions and probably choose the apparent good blindfolding us in that particular time.

Another archaic belief is on where every happening is deemed an matter of fate long awaited to take control. The question of fate or luck or grace from the one absolutely perfect still stands remains unclear to many as the fact of hard work arises. All in all, the Golden rule stands: do to others what you would wish others to do to you. This would really aid curb many of the misunderstandings and wrangles but still let nature take its cause.


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